Asterisk Tutorial Part 1: Installation

I’m putting a series of putting Asterisk tutorial videos together. I am currently in the process of a new project for a client and recording the process of going through the basics of getting started with Asterisk. These videos are based on an Asterisk installation on FreeBSD, they can easily be applied to other operating systems such as Centos or Ubuntu, though configuration file locations will be different.

Here’s the first installment:

Good day
I recently started working as a devops engineer. First project is to do a asterisk installation and migrate existing system over to asterisk and self-hosted. We run ubuntu 20.04 server. Your asterisk series is the most complete I came across. Do i follow the same steps in configuring it for Ubuntu? ~Swapping out “doas” for sudo? You mentioned that you have done an ubuntu install of asterisk…I assume you did not cover or document the Ubuntu install version?

I’ve installed Asterisk on various Linux/BSD systems and the process is pretty much the same.

On FreeBSD (which the videos were based on) the configuration files for Asterisk are stored in /usr/local/etc/asterisk due to the way FreeBSD lays out the file system. On Linux systems the configuration files are in /etc/asterisk.

The installation on Linux systems are a little different as FreeBSD uses pkgand Linux uses apt / yum / pacman

If you’re installing on Ubuntu, ensure system is up to date and the process should be a simple as running:

sudo apt install asterisk