How to Find Out Information About Channels In Asterisk

Hello All,

I am an internee and have been assigned a task to find out what happens when two people call the same DID number in our SIP trunk. I have been asked to see what channels are configured and how they are configured. I have an asterisk document prepared by the company but I can not find anything related to channels on it.

Is the channel configuration even on the asterisk end? or is it something to be asked from the SIP Trunk Providers.

Looking forward to hearing your valuable feedback. Please help me out.

Thank you.

This would depend how many channels you’ve purchased from your SIP trunk provider, and how the SIP provider works. If you have only purchased a single channel then the first call would be past to Asterisk and the second would be reject by the SIP provider (busy tone), unless they allow you some room for overflow.

If you have five channels for example, the first five calls would be passed and the sixth would be reject (busy). This is also speculative on how strictly your provider handles sip channels. Most providers usually provide some head room, before charging and will allow the calls to go through anyway. If you only have 5 channels and consitently using 7 then they would usually contact you to upgrade.

How calls are handled once they hit the Asterisk system depends completely on how the dialplan is configured on what will happen, whether they have voicemail, whether they get rejected or redirected to an IVR etc.