How to FreeBSD: Video Series Tutorial/Guide

Announcing My YouTube Series: “How to FreeBSD” - From Installation to Mastery

Hello everyone!

I’m absolutely thrilled to share something I’ve been passionately working on – my new YouTube series titled “How to FreeBSD”. As you might guess, this series is all about the powerful and versatile FreeBSD operating system.

In this series, we begin right at the start: installation. I know how daunting it can feel for newcomers, or even for those familiar with other Unix-like systems, to get FreeBSD up and running. So, I’ve made sure to cover each step in detail, aiming to make it as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

But that’s just the start! The plan is to journey together through the vast landscape of FreeBSD. We’ll delve into system administration, explore the intricacies of the ports and packages system, and even dabble in some kernel tuning for the enthusiasts among you.

Each episode is designed to be informative yet engaging, perfect for a cuppa and a sit-down. I’ve strived to keep the language clear and jargon-free, making the series accessible to beginners while still offering valuable insights for more experienced users.

The beauty of FreeBSD lies in its community-driven nature, and I hope this series becomes a part of that tradition, fostering learning and discussion. I warmly invite you to watch, share your thoughts, and perhaps even contribute your own experiences and tips.

So, do pop in and check out the first few episodes. Let’s embark on this FreeBSD journey together, and who knows what we’ll uncover along the way!

How to FreeBSD, Part 1: Installation

How to FreeBSD, Part 2: Boot Environments

How to FreeBSD, Part 3: How to Install Graphics Drivers

How to FreeBSD, Part 4: Installing KDE Desktop Environment

Now that we have FreeBSD installed, as well as our graphics drivers, the next challenge is to install a graphical desktop environment; we’ll look at Gnome and Xfce in later videos. For now let’s look at installing KDE.

How to FreeBSD, Part 5: Installing Gnome Desktop Environment

In the previous video we walked through how to install the KDE desktop environment, if you’re more of a Gnome desktop person, we have you covered: