How to temporarily disable SentinelOne

To disable SentinelOne:

In order to temporary disable SentinelOne, from an elevated command prompt enter SentinelOne agent directory:

cd C:\Program Files\SentinelOne\Sentinel Agent x.x.x.x>

Run the following command:

sentinelctl unload -a -H -s -m -k “passphrase”

Where the passphrase can be found in under the device in the SentinelOne control panel.

The flags are:-

  • -a : unload agent
  • -H: unload helper service
  • -m: unload monitor service
  • -s: unload the service
  • -k: key / passphrase

To enable SentinelOne:

sentinelctl load -a -H -s -m

Running the above command will start the agent, helper, service and monitor service.